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wholesale Libresse Ultra Day and Night Sanitary Towels Pads with Wings Womens Super Absorbent 285mm (24 Packs of 8 each ) total 192 pads

  • Brand: Libresse
  • Product Code: 285mm-A5122
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All products are wholesale price, if you need to order more than 2 cases  please contact to us :dianshang@dyyseo.com   to confirm the shipping feeDelivery Information:We offer standard international shipping.All your order will be deli..

All products are wholesale price, if you need to order more than 2 cases  please contact to us :dianshang@dyyseo.com   to confirm the shipping fee

Delivery Information:

We offer standard international shipping.

All your order will be delivered 7-15 business days after all of your items are available to be dispatched

why choose us:

we are the leader professional manufacturer in disposbale care products for women  in factory quality is the first importmant  customer demand is the first

All the Libresse pads are Rael 100% Organic Cotton Menstrual  Sanitary napkin with wings, and the production technology and equipment in China are also the most advanced, superior to the production lines in Europe

Libresse ,from the country of innovation -- Sweden. It was born in Essity, which is a leading Swedish personal care products company. The brand has developed feminine care products for over 70 years .Nowadays, Libresse has developed into a global brand, ranked third in the global feminine care brand.Its products are now sold in 101 countries and areas around the world.Libresse is trusted by more than 200 million women worldwide.

  Specially designed to care for your sensitive V-Zone skin, not just your underwear. Each liner is breathable, like cotton underwear, and infused with ProSkin formula to keep your skin pH balanced. Our unique CurveFit shape, with a front and back, contours your body perfectly, and follow your movements for all day comfort

Libresse pads are designed to give you both great comfort and incredible protection. We have combined our unique curve-hugging shape with anti-leak walls, a fast-absorption core and an all-around barrier to give you Triple Protection, so you can be ready for anything.

V-touch, silky topsheet, more delicate; skin-friendly topsheet made for women, always care their delicate skin

offer you daily protection to keep you dry and fresh. Soft, comfortable and ultra-thin for the ultimate discretion

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