About Us

Libresse ,from the country of innovation -- Sweden. It was born in Essity, which is a leading Swedish personal care products company. The brand has developed feminine care products for over 70 years .Nowadays, Libresse has developed into a global brand, ranked third in the global feminine care brand.Its products are now sold in 101 countries and areas around the world, and lead the market trend in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. Libresse is trusted by more than 200 million women worldwide.


As an advocate of female spirit in the new era, Libresse encourages women to break taboos, pursuit self and beauty bravely, and bring positive influence to women's life with the brand spirit “live fearless”. Relying on the unique global patented technology, the certified safe material and the rigorous scientific research achievements of the European Union famine care research center, Libresse brings perfect fit and comfortable product for female in period, so that women can make the best of themselves every day.


Adhering to the high quality requirements of the Nordic brands and the humane design concept, Libresse applies its global patented technology and introduces European imported production lines to realize the localized production in China. Its upgraded product design brings refreshing and comfortable experience for female consumers.