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2018 Annual meeting

2018-02-07 14:12:44

On February 1st, JS EDUCATION GROUP helds an annual meeting in Zhangzhou Hotel. Annual meeting attended by the chairman, general manager, manager, three sales team, Some family members and other department staff more than 200 people.

In the afternoon, the annual meeting starts on time, we rewarded outstanding employees and sales champions; the team who completed the annual sales goal was also rewarded. Outstanding staff rewards are angel dress up and bonus, the reward of sales champion is double foreign trip and bonus, Sales team rewards are team travel and bonuses. At last Chairman's statement, Mr. Jack Lin summarized the achievements of the companies in 2017 and started the development direction and plans for the company in 2018 and in the future.

In the evening, New Year's Thanksgiving dinner is held on time. Each of the company's departments prepared a different show to perform at New Year's Thanksgiving dinner, The program has Singing, dancing, model shows, comedy shows and so on.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival approaching, the dinner party was also deliberately joined the link of grabbing the red envelopes in the New Year. The atmosphere of the scene was very active. Everyone grabbed a red envelope with a cell phone and felt the atmosphere of a Spring Festival in advance.

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